Copyright and Compliance :

Dressup Online takes copyright issues very seriously, owing to which we take a number of legal measures to prevent infringement of copyright. The games posted at Dressup Online should be original, and if they infringe someone’s copyright, they will be removed from the site.

Any copyright owner who truly believes that material published on infringes one of his/her copyrights can bring it to our attention immediately. As soon as we receive a notice from the copyright owner, we will either remove or deny access to the material that is infringing his/her copyright.

The copyright owner’s notice should include the following details:

1. The signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner

2. Details of the material that is infringing the copyright

3. In case of multiple copyright infringements, a list of the copyrighted materials must be provided

4. Details to help the site locate the material that is infringing the copyright

5. Contact details such as permanent address, telephone number, and email address of the copyright owner

6. A statement that the copyright owner truly believes in good faith that the material available on is infringing his/her copyright.

Dressup Online warns that anybody who makes a false complaint that material on is infringing his/her copyright, he/she might have to pay civil penalties in the form of financial damages, lawyers’ fees, and court costs incurred by Dressup Online or the copyright owner of the material complained about. Besides, he/she might also be prosecuted for perjury.

On the other hand, if one of your games was removed by us in response to a complaint or notice of infringement sent by a third party and if you truly believe that you have not stolen anybody’s work, you can send a counter notice. Whenever we receive a notice that a work posted on is infringing a copyright, we will either remove it or deny access to it. We will also notify the developer who posted the game, informing him/her that the game has been removed or access has been denied because of complaints of infringement.

In this case, you can send a counter notice to us with the following details.

1. Your electronic or physical signature

2. Details of the disputed material

3. A statement that you are sure that your work does not infringe any copyright

4. Your permanent address, phone number, and email address

Your counter notice will be forwarded to the complainant, but the right to restore the disputed material remains with us. If the person who sent the notice of infringement decides to move court within 10 days and informs us of his/her decision, Dressup Online has the right to deny access to, remove completely, or refuse to restore any disputed material.
The accounts of developers who repeatedly infringe copyrights belonging to others will be terminated. This means that, if we receive two notices of infringement for something posted by you, we will have to terminate your account.