About Us:

Dressup Online, one of the new online gaming sites in the industry, is a site owned and constructed by arcade gaming enthusiasts for all the other die-hard arcade gaming enthusiasts out there. Our aim is to become one of the prominent online gaming sites in the industry by offering our players an unrivalled collection of unique games and an unbeatable online gaming experience, absolutely free.

We have hundreds of games for you to choose from; you can use the search box to find your favorite games according to title or keyword. Since we sponsor games from talented developers, our portfolio of games contains a wide range of games created by developers all over the globe. We also have our own team of developers, who work ceaselessly to create fun, entertaining, unique, and addictive games for your entertainment. In short, we make games, sponsor games, and give our players the opportunity to play plenty of games.

At Dressup Online, the focus is not just on playing games, but also socializing. We have excellent community features, enabling players to make plenty of friends as and when they play their favorite games. If you cannot understand a game or want to pick some great gaming strategies, you can use the community features at Dressup Online to interact with friends and learn. Alternatively, you can simply relax in the company of like minded individuals from all over the world.

Creating unique, fun, and addictive games is an art; and only a few developers are blessed with this rare gift. The Dressup Online team is eager to identify these gifted developers, encourage them to create more games, and help them earn money for their efforts. While we allow independent developers to retain the copyrights to their games, we handle all issues related to game development. What’s more, we even share our virtual goods and advertising revenue with the talented people who develop our games.

As long as you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer and have a fast Internet connection, you can play and enjoy our games without any interruptions. The best games are all listed on our home page; so you will not find it difficult to identify our best games. Since we have top community features, allowing you to comment on each game you play, our developers will get a very good idea about how their game is being received.
We take good care of our players. We have an excellent customer care service, which includes a comprehensive Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We also have a great privacy policy and employ the latest technology to protect our players and any information they share with us.

At Dressup Online, you can look forward to a fun, safe, entertaining, and protected online gaming environment. If you are a developer, let us have a look at some of your games; and if you are a player, have fun playing our games and telling us what you think of them.